Quintessential Stancework

Quintessential Stancework

The most crucial part of any martial art is proper footwork. With poor stances and a lack of understanding of the structure of the body, a martial art can become frail and powerless. But when one uses appropriate footwork and stances, they can be unmovable as a mountain, yet flowing like a river. Wudang Daoist Swordsman, Michael Xia Chongyi, proudly presents his magnum opus of stance training. QUINTESSENTIAL STANCEWORK presents over 11 hours of nonstop instructional material. This video series is considered the most comprehensive study of martial art stance training ever created.

As the previous videos were related to the general practice of Daoist straight sword & body mechanics, this video will provide a unique look into Xia's methodology of stance training. Here, you will be introduced to 15 core stances, along with over 50 principles that will change the way you view all of your postures. Unlike the previous 1-3 year training videos, this series is considered a lifetime training program. This means that there is enough material to train it for the rest of your life. It is a complete system of stance training, and does not require any additional sequel programs.

In this video series, we will cover:

basic understanding of what stances are and how they function
understanding the 5 aspect formula for all possible stances
considerations on how to train and intensities
how to train each of the stances
how each stance is used
martial application examples for each stance
health & fitness values for each stance
how to transition between stances
considerations of common mistakes to prevent injuries
getting correct alignment going down into earth through the body
control and manipulating muscles, tendons, & joints for coordinated movement
understanding a variety of stepping methods and their functions
understanding a variety of pivoting methods and their functions
understanding ranges of movement, and gaining 360° accessibility
learn the numerical codes used in Daoist texts and numbering systems
address the different levels of combat and the appropriate stance uses
a deep look into kinesiology for the function of martial power & structural integrity
comment and forums for questions and clarification
optional teacher video review of your practice
addendum videos will be added if anything was left out

This video program will change the way you interact with the stances in your style. Additionally, this program is focused on the authentic stances of classical Wudang Taiyi Wuxue martial arts. By simply adapting your own style's variation of the core stances into this program, you can study your own footwork deeply, without having to learn the system presented in the video.

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Quintessential Stancework

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