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Technical Wudang & Daoist Martial Arts Training Programs

Discover The Wudang Sword

DSA offers progressive & modulated training to achieve authentic swordskill, utilizing micro-drills, kinesiology, & classical Daoist training methods.

Wudang Sword Level 1: Seven Star Foundational Drills

Begin your journey into the Wudang & Daoist sword arts here, with our primary drilling & training course. Study the 7 foundational mechanics in 14 different types of sword movement skills.

Wudang Sword Level 2: Seven Star Linking Drills

Now that you've developed competence and a foundation in sword skill, this series introduces how to link, loop, and connect all previous skills, seamlessly.

Taiji Fencing Principles, Vol. 1

For those interested in the combat principles of the Chinese straight sword, Xia's first 9 principles are the key elements to understanding the physics & energy of authentic sword combat. These principles will change the way you look at swordplay as they reveal position, alignment, and more.

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Available Online Training Curriculums

  • Wudang Sword Level 1: Foundational Drills

    33 videos

    Study the primary drills and exercises for developing authentic Daoist Sword skill via this complete and balanced technique training video series. Train along side Daoist Swordsman Xia Chongyi at your convenience, as Xia offers insights into the body mechanics, combat applications, and wellness b...

  • Wudang Sword Level 2: Linking Skills

    24 videos

    **$20 discount for those with the Level 1 program. Code in forums**

    This follow up video series is the second year of practice for those that have studied the Seven Star Sword Skill Level 1 Program. This almost 5-hour series features 4 hours of lessons, along with over 230 micro-mechanic drillin...

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