Wudang Sword Level 2: Linking Skills

Wudang Sword Level 2: Linking Skills

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This follow up video series is the second year of practice for those that have studied the Seven Star Sword Skill Level 1 Program. This almost 5-hour series features 4 hours of lessons, along with over 230 micro-mechanic drilling exercises for developing the unique skill of Wudang Daoist swordsmanship.

In this video series, you will learn the fundamental body mechanics for linking together all previous skills and exercises taught in the Level 1 curriculum. These 240 exercises will build a familiarity in the body, and offer the key components to strengthening the body for all styles of swordsmanship.

No matter if you practice Wudang, Shaolin, or western styles of martial arts, we all share the same body mechanics. This Seven Star Sword Skill program is a specially designed curriculum to refine and strengthen all of the key body mechanics. With comprehension of this skill, all sword forms and combat scenarios will become clear and obvious. This style of learning and training also lends itself to the concept of refining Jing-Qi-Shen, found in Daoist taijiquan practice, and will allow one to freely connect to their inner visualizations of themselves and their ideal swordsmanship practice.|

Taught by Wudang Daoist Swordsman Michael Xia Chongyi, Xia offers over 30 years of experience, and has developed this Daoist Sword Arts curriculum to preserve and transmit his art to his students around the world. Xia is most well known for his Wudang Swordsman Academy, and his discipleship under Wudang Daoist Spiritual Master Zhou Xuan Yun.

This program is designed for those that have already completed the Level 1 video series (Wudang Foundational Sword Drills), on Vimeo or Udemy.

Wudang Sword Level 2: Linking Skills

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